About Roseann

I spent nearly four decades in the Early Childhood Field as a Child Care Advocate, Owner/Director  Child Care Centers,  Professional In-Home Child Carer, Family Child Care trainer, Resource and Referral Coordinator, Teacher, Parent Coach, Workshop Leader, Foster Parent and Adoptive parent.  One of the most memorable experiences in my career began in 1979 when I met and trained with Magda Gerber and Resources for Infant Educarers.  Over the course of my career, parenting fads have come and gone.  What stays constant in the field are the fundamental methods of Emmi Pikler and Magda Gerber.  I now reside in Northern Illinois and continue my work as Parent Coach and Workshop Coordinator.


2 thoughts on “About Roseann

  1. How can someone register for this and how much does it cost? I am a child raised in Ms. Gerber’s class and my mother graduated from her classes I live in Chicago.

    1. Dear Ms. Stranger,

      I sent along two emails, with the hope to be in touch. I am afraid I misread your comment and thought you were the one who graduated from Magda Gerber’s class. I reread the poast and see it is your mother who took the classes. We are so happy to find your post…so happy to be in touch.

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