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What is PLAY?

I am so thrilled to share this blog.  The question “What is Play” is answered beautifully with photos and clear explanation.

The link to the original blog is:

the CHILD centered


Play is what the child does.

It is an important part of the development of learning.

Toddler Play

“Real” play is the process by which a child interacts in his or her environment in such a way that it is SPONTANEOUS and FREE.

Play is inner-directed and non-goal orientated.


Play should never be corrected.  It is a child’s choice that is respected and should not be interrupted without an apology.


Play provides a natural outlet for a child’s curiosity, anxiety, and social experiences.  Play services a need for a child’s mastery.  It is the opportunity by which a child works out his or her life’s “struggles” and learns how to fit into society.


In play, there is no contest.


No right or wrong.

No win or lose.

RIE BabyPlay exists for play’s sake.

Written by Beverly A. Kovach,MN


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