Memories of Magda

Little River School Online

Memories of Magda

By Roseann Murphy

Wonderful news.  Recently Magdalena Palencia and I were invited to share  thoughts and memories regarding famed infant specialist, Magda Gerber and her organization Resources for Infant Educarers.http://www.magdagerber.org/

Lisa Sunbury of Regarding Baby,Bence Gerber, (Magda Gerber’s son and if I am reading it correctly, Lisa Sunbury’s fiance) and Janet Lansbury of Elevating Childcareare hosting the site.
Magdalena and I  speak of  Magda Gerber often..  I have always thought Magda Gerber’s RIE methods and ideas were not meant  exclusively for very young children but for  people of all ages.  Based on Magda’s teachings,  everyone on earth wishes for dignity and respect in  everyday life.  We all thrive on the three basic tenets of Magda Gerber’s RIE – consistency, continuity and respect.
We noticed on the new site  someone mentioned that “back in the day” students and colleagues called Magda Gerber by the…

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