Ditching the High Chair: 5 Tips to Support Laptime Meals with Babies

This is an exceptional explanation of the beautiful connection that comes from children one-on-one.

the CHILD centered

David vigliotti Little Learners Lodge

At the center, coming together for mealtime provides an opportunity for connecting and leisurely enjoying our time together- refueling not only the body, but our relationships.  Until a child is able to come to the table, you’ll find her secure in the arms of her Primary Caregiver – even the maturing baby sitting up on her own.


David Vigliotti Little Learners Lodge

While individual one-on-one mealtimes may take longer than feedings by weaning tables or high chairs in getting the food down, the additional time spent provides not only physical replenishment, but also generates the social and emotional refueling necessary for a child to embark on individual free play and discovery.  In the long run, this frees up the caregiver to be able to attend to other children during uninterrupted individual physical care routines with the same full presence and attention.

Lap feeding a more mobile infant, however…

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