Parents Want to Know

“School begins again in just a few days. This article I have re blogged focuses on the very young child, but the underlying theme is for all ages.  This is an exciting and trying time for both children and parents.  Educators are just as excited and anxious.  The hope and  wish is the year goes smoothly. The age of the child does not matter, parents are concerned their child will be cared for with kindness, dignity and respect.  This article is valuable for educators and parents alike. Malibu Infant Toddler (2).

the CHILD centered

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that parents don’t have the same working knowledge we do as daily practitioners.  Recent Parent Teacher Conferences revealed that while parents trust us with the care and well-being of their little one, they still want to know some finer details on putting theory into daily practice at the center.

Like- How DO teachers get breaks, how often, and who watches their child in their absence?  (Short answer- we try to plan around rest times or down times and have an extra person on faculty to support).

We chose ten frequently asked questions from our conference time together to share with the greater community.

  • Are nap room ratios different from daily ratios-

Yes- nap room are staffed at a different ratio than non-nap times for children within our Toddler and Primary environments.  The center maintains ratios at or below South Carolina state mandated requirements.  In the infant environments…

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