Grief and Loosing a Pet – Unconditional Love

Beautifully said. Losing a pet is life changing…a soul that has shared your heart for many years becomes a very part of your being. We are preparing ourselves for the loss of our sweet Teddy. Teddy is a rescue Great Pyrennes. He came to live with us when he was a one year old lad…and now he is a senior 13 year old. His hips have given out and we help him get up..it is almost time. Our child care center had many pets as part of our program. Losing a pet at the center or at home had profound effects on our staff and children. Recognizing the important part a pet plays in our lives is so important. Thank you for this beautiful post.

Whisper of Change

sam2 Sam 2006-2009


Losing a pet can be one of the most painful experiences a person can have. There is much talk in today’s world about unconditional love. It would be wonderful if human beings were capable of such a thing. The sad truth is that we fall short of the mark. While unconditional love is probably impossible, it is a wonderful goal and we should continue to strive for it.

In reality, the closest thing to unconditional love we ever perceive is that which we sense from our pets. Even then, there are a few conditions. After we have fed them and their other basic needs have been met, animals are unconditional. We have yet to hear that someone’s dog, cat, parakeet or hamster judged them or criticized them or called them stupid.

What we do know is that people tell their most intimate secrets to their pets. What…

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