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RIE® Foundations Course is coming to Chicago this Summer!

Many parents and early childhood educators have expressed an interest in deepening their understanding and practice of Magda Gerber’s philosophy, the Educaring® Approach, as taught by Resources for Infant Educarer through participating in formal RIE®’s training. Traditionally, there have been very few opportunities to do so without traveling tno the west coast, but this is slowly beginning to change as Magda Gerber’s  approach to caring for babies and toddlers with respect has begun to be more widely recognized.


Fortunately, for those of us in the Midwest,   Polly Elam, President of RIE® and long-time friend and colleague of Magda Gerber will be in the Chicago area on two different ocassions this summer.

First and foremost, Polly Elam will present the ten day RIE® certified Foundations and Theory course in July/August 2015. Polly gives a clear and authentic representation of Magda Gerber’s work, teaching the most important tenets of Magda Gerber’s work. The opportunity is life-changing.

Polly Elam will also be in Chicago on June 20,2015 for the 17th Annual Early Childhood Education Entrepreneurship Expo (ECEEE)
June 20, 2015     8 am–5 pm
UIC Forum | 725 W. Roosevelt Road | Chicago, IL 60607

She will be available to talk and to give more information about Magda Gerber’s Resources for Infant Educarers.  At that time you will be able to meet educators who have attended the RIE® Certified Course.

ECE professionals and parents, please share this with those directors, teachers, child care professionals, and parents (or expecting parents) you know who care for infants and toddlers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Regards, Roseann Murphy and Susan Bernstein

For more information or the registration packet, please contact:

Polly Elam, Instructor,

Roseanne Murphy, Local Host and Facilitator,

Susan Bernstein, Local Host and Facilitator,

RIE® Professional Development Opportunities



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