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To the other women raising my child…

This is simply beautiful and so well said. A lovely tribute to the carers who were there to share a very special time in a child’s life. One she will remember always. Thank you so much for posting this!!!!

Life and Lifting

When I dropped #3 off at nursery today she was so excited. She got new slippers yesterday (tiger ones) and she couldn’t wait to show her friends, and the staff her new footwear.

You see, I work a lot. I have a lot of projects on right now, I’m juggling a lot of plates, and if I’m not at college, I’m at work, or I’m training, or I’m writing. And this means, that #3 spends the vast majority of her time (between 36-42 hours a week) being effectively brought up by other women.

When she first started nursery, about 18 months ago, I had never left her with anyone, other than my Mum and a couple of close friends. I was terrified to put her into childcare, having never needed to utilise the option with #1 and #2. We were lucky, and we hit the jackpot with the staff and…

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