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Please Stop the Morning Work

This is how every day should begin with children..every day!!! Thank you!

small steps

Today was a crappy day.  

As educators, no matter what is going on in our personal lives, or with our health, we have to muster up everything we’ve got to give to our kids.  

Realistically, we are all humans.  With relationships, families, friends, health, finances that aren’t always as picture perfect as our social media profiles appear.  

We are humans, who sometimes have crappy days, that make it seem impossible to face the world, but we do it anyways because +/-27 little lives depend on us.  

Our kids are humans too.  They may not be adults, with adult problems, but they live with adults who have adult problems.  Worse, some are facing adult problems.  

Back to my crappy day.  I had a graduate class tonight.  They started the class like many teachers who follow Morning Meeting do.  We had an icebreaker where we shared about…

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