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Testing FOUR year olds – NO, NO, NO ……. on all levels ….. NO

Penny Webb’s insight regarding testing is one to share on all early child development sites. It is vital we continue to “Fight for the Right to Play!” Thank you Penny Webb!

Penny's Place Childminding

As you can tell from the heading of this blog, I am horrified that this Government is planning on testing 4 year olds when they start school.

If you have not read the news about this yet, you can by clicking on this link. Link to TES article on testing four year olds or this article Link to article from yahoo news or this one Link to article in The Guardian

The results of the consultation are not available yet – but I have a feeling that not many people responded positively to the idea . So maybe this consultation, like so many others recently was a paper exercise to tick a box, rather than a genuine attempt to gather  views and opinions.

I actually do not know where to start – it is wrong on so many levels. However start I must so here we go;

These are FOUR…

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